How to take good fashion group photography for your business

Give everyone a pose
Let your models know what type of pose they should do before you start taking your fashion group photos.

Tell your models the type of mood they should portray
When you tell your models what type of mood you want to portray the models will know how to portray their facial features.


Let your models know where to look
Letting know your group where to look will help your photo to look more cohesive rather than having your models looking in different directions.


Make sure everyone’s chin is up
If your model’s chin is down it will make your models look like they have a double chin.

Make sure your camera is focusing on the whole group
For fashion group photography you need to make sure everyone in the picture is in focus.

For more inspiration make sure to check Barry Harley

Smile Fashion Group Photography
Subtle smile fashion group photography
Standing fashion group photography
Staring at camera group fashion photography
Couple fashion photography
Couple Fashion Group Photography