How to set up your image for a fine art photo print:

Fine art photography is commonly used to decorate indoors, and you can easily edit one of your landscape photos for a fine print for personal use or to sell it. Here are a couple of things you can do help edit:

Check your screen brightness.

Once you have your original photo selected, make sure to edit your photo with your screen brightness between 40 to 60%. Prints tend to be darker, and using your screen brightness this way will help you to set the right tone for your fine art printing.


Make sure to use Adobe RGB 1998 for your color profile.

Lightroom, Photoshop, and Aurora tend to be in a different color profile, so you need to make sure your color profile is Adobe RGB 1998. That way when you export your photo for your fine art print it will come out with the right colors.



Fine Art Print Final

Use Mckenna Pro.

Mckenna Pro does an exceptional job when it comes to printing their high-quality materials. These will make your fine art prints look so much better. For my fine Art Print, I chose the metallic print, and it turned out really nice after I created a warm present in Lightroom. This made my photo look warmer. I also saturated the blue tones and white tones to make my fine art printing look different, and here’s my final result. If you would like to personally see my print make sure to visit The Spori Building in Rexburg Idaho, it will be available to see until July 2nd.


If you would like to learn more about fine art photography make sure to check out Nicole’s York post.