Movie poster design in a couple steps

Having always loved this tv series and being obsessed with mermaids growing up I decided to make myself an H2O Just Add Water movie poster.

The first thing I did was to look in pexels for sea pictures and after finding my favorite I decided to blend my portrait in my movie poster.


Photo of the sea
Kasandra Matus Smiling

Once I finished blending myself into the the poster I decided to change the way the original logo looked, in order to be more consistent with the pink color theme. What I did was to add an inner pink shadow to the logo layer.

H2O Logo transformation
H2O Pink logo

For the credits, I decided to make them based on my photography class by Caryn Esplin. In case you want to know how to be more efficient when it comes to create a movie poster here are some tips:

Make sure you have an idea of how you want your poster to look like

Make sure you use non copyrighted photos for the background

Make sure to use mask layer when blending the photos

In case you don’t know which font to use use MyFonts to find the font of the poster

For more inspiration make sure to look this Pinterest Board

H2O Movie Poster