Fantasy photography in a few simple steps

Fantasy photography can be fun to recreate using Photoshop and can be easy to recreate if you know the basics of it. Here are a few tips for recreating fantasy photography:

1.-Try to blend multiple images.

I chose 3 different photos to create my fantasy photo. I took two of these photos and I created the stars with Photoshop using this tutorial.

Before Fantasy Photo Texture
Before Fantasy Portrait
Before Fantasy Stars

2.- Make sure to first edit your main subject

In my case in order to create fantasy photography, I decided to first edit my portrait in Lightroom where I adjusted the skin colors and darkened the background. Then it was ready to be photoshopped with the other two images.

Fantasy Portrait Dark Background

3.-Watch Caryn’s Esplin tutorial

Following the steps in Caryn’s Esplin tutorial helped me blend my images really easily for post-production which helped me to create my fantasy photo. Something that I did different, was brightening the image after finishing the tutorial creating my final result.


If you would like to see more examples of fantasy photography make sure to check this website