Scan Art photography easily explained

After seeing a video of how to create  Scan Art by David Tipper I had a general idea of what I wanted and decided to go for a walk and find flowers I could use. I cut dandelions flowers and got some pink fallen petals from a flower tree, and put things together on top of the scanner.

For this Scan art photo I used:

Canon MG2520 Scanner

Adobe photoshop

Top of a shoe box

Black Fabric

Creating an Scan Art photography is really good if you are trying to make something creative with multiple objects.


To start creating your Scan Art photo make sure nothing moves when you close the scanner. Once you click “scan” make sure you open the image in the preview mode or photoshop, and make sure the image looks sharp enough.

When you are editing your scan art photo, make sure to move things around so you can have different options to choose from.

Once I scanned the original image this is how my scan art photos looked like at first.

Scan Art Photography
Scan Art Photography of flowers

I decided to I add some extra layers of pink petals to make the photo look more balanced. For post-production I adjusted the shadows and black tones, and added some clarity.

After doing post-production this is how my scan art photos look now.

Scan Art Flowers Photography
Scan Art Flowers

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