5 easy tips to follow for light painting

If you ever thought about doing light painting photography without having the idea of how to start and what to do here are a few tips that will help you to do so.

Things you will need:
DSLR Camera
1 led flashlight
Miscellaneous objects you can photograph like books and jewelry

How to do light painting

Tip #1 to take light painting pictures

Choose a theme for your photos, think about something you would like to photograph so you can gather different objects to go with the theme.

Tip #2Make sure the room you use is completely dark.

The only source of lighting you will use will be the flashlight, other lighting sources will distort your photo.


Light Painting for less than $15

Tip #3 Adjust your camera with the right settings for light painting .

In my case I used:

ISO 100

F-Stop 16

Exposure 15 seconds

Farmers Market light painting

Tip #4:

When using the flashlight use medium power and slightly direct the light towards the objects you want to light paint.

Cowboy  light painting picture

Tip #5

Get creative! Make sure you use different ideas for light painting to create unique pictures. If you want to upgrade your  light painting make sure to check Dunja Djudjic.