Product photography in a tight budget

Product photography can be really useful to promote your brand, products or service however if you are in a tight budget here are some tips you can use to make your photos look more professional.

Tip #1

Use Auxiliary light. Natural light is great and there is so much you can do with natural light however when it comes to product photography auxiliary light will help you to illuminate better your product which will make the editing process easier. I would highly recommend buying at least 3 of these led lights  to set up your mini studio.

Led lights

Tip #2

Look for objects you can use to enhance your background. Look at home for different things you can use for your product photography from blankets to fake flowers or old objects. Using different objects can enhance your product photography.

Agave Honey

Tip #3

Be creative! Think about an angle you have never shot before or a certain theme you would like to have for your picture or even look for color schemes you would like to use in your product photography. Here is some of my product photography so you can have more ideas.

Coconut Shampoo
Fashion Boots
Flower inside

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