Following these 3 simple steps will help you to create your own brand

Have you ever noticed that there are certain colors, fonts, and styles that you can easily identify with a certain brand? That’s because these brands recognize the importance of branding. According to google dictionary branding is “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.” But how can you do so? Here are three simple steps you can follow to start branding your service or product.

1.- Think about your target audience

Who is your target audience? Are you trying to sell your product to stay-at-home moms, baby boomers, or millenials? Think ahead of your primary focus group that would be more likely to buy your product or services. This is really important when it comes to branding. If you think about the type of person who you would like to sell to, it would be easier for you to put together a mood board.

Mood board Katex

2.-Create a mood board

What would you like your brand to look like? Which colors would you like to use? What type of fonts you would like to have? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself when it comes to branding. Look for different examples on Pinterest or Behance in order to have a better idea of what you want for your brand.

In my case, I looked for japanese graphic design because that was something I wanted to refer to create my logo and color scheme. After I looked at different examples I came up with my own mood board for Katex.


Katex Marketing mood board
Katex Marketing Mood Board

3.-Choose your color scheme and fonts

Having a defined color scheme will make your brand easier to identify. Choose from 3 to 5 different colors that you will use for your brand; this way, you will make your designs based on the different colors of your color scheme, which will make your brand more outstanding. Make sure that you will always have access to the fonts you decide to have. Look in Google fonts and try to find at least one font from there; that way, you can easily use that font in your website.

Branding can be difficult at times.If you start small, following the steps I listed before, it will be easier for you to come with different ideas for branding.

Katex Marketing Color Scheme

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