Creativity starts by finding ordinary people and places and make them look extraordinary.

Lately, I been learning about extraordinary shots in ordinary places from Diego Huerta who travels all over Mexico and finds creative ways to show the extraordinary of the Mexican culture through ordinary people and places.

As I have learned this technique I recognized that there are 3 different things you can do to come with an extraordinary shot.

Tip #1 Look something from a different angle

Next time you are trying to get an extraordinary shot make sure to look for a different angle,  position yourself on an angle that is not very usual, that way you can have a different perspective of the object being photographed.

Tip #2 Use auxiliary light

Using an auxiliary light if used correctly will help you to fill the shadows, diffuse harsh sunlight and illuminate open shaded areas. In this case, I used a Godox auxiliary light to come with an extraordinary shot.

Extraordinary photography set up

Tip #3

Enhance your photo in post-production. Doing post-production in your photo will help you to have an extraordinary shot enhancing the skin and little details can make a big difference.

Kasandra Matus Ordinary Place
Kasandra Matus Extraordinary Photography