You can have studio quality photos by doing the following

Inspired by Glyn Dewis I learned how to have studio quality photos by using my camera sony a6000 and a Speedlight with a modifier. The settings I used were ISO 100, WB flash, and F16  Exposure 1/16. The F-Stop will depend on how much light there is outside. Before taking a studio quality photo, make sure to have an idea of what you would like to photograph.

After setting up my speedlight with a modifier, I grabbed my camera with my right hand and my speedlight with my left hand forming a triangle. It is important that before taking studio quality photos you test your speedlight by pressing the test button and pointing the speedlight in an opposite direction from your face. After you are done testing your speedlight, take a couple of test shots and make sure the background is studio quality. If not, make adjustments as necessary.

Studio Quality Photo Setup

If you can’t coordinate doing both things at the same time ask someone to sustain the speedlight for you. Something that I really enjoyed about doing studio quality photos at home is that you can photograph a wide variety of things.

This technique can be really good for product photography since the work in post production will be really simple. It is also good if you are wanting to take studio quality photos for individual portraits

Calypso Drink

For post-production, you can use your own style I decided to sharpen the original image, bring down the shadows and use the lightroom brush.


Bagels studio quality photography
Portrait studio quality photography