Things I have learned taking nature photography

Nature photography can be one of the most exciting types of photography. You can experience anything from seeing a beautiful sunrise or a unique sunset. There is so much I have learned about nature photography and here are a few of those things.

Nature Photography Wyoming

Wake up early

If you are planning on spending the day outside taking nature photos, make sure to wake up early so you can be on time to see the sunrise. Plan ahead so you can know what time you need to wake up, drive to the place where you want to take pictures, and set up your camera and tripod.

Cabin Nature Photography Wyoming

Wear enough layers

Make sure you have all the layers you need for the day so you will be comfortable while you are taking photos. Make sure to always bring gloves with you it, tends to be colder in the early mornings. You need to make sure you have the adequate clothing you need according to the places you are going.

Nature Photography Sunrise

Bring extra batteries and SD Cards


Have at least 3 batteries you can use throughout the day so you can easily change the batteries when you need to. The same applies to SD cards. Have at least 3 SD cards you can use. If you want to learn more about how to start taking nature photography make sure to check

Christian Hoiberg.