Things I did to find my personal style:

Having a personal style is really important when it comes to photography and marketing. People recognize when they see certain color schemes, fonts, and themes. Finding my personal style was a good journey for me and I’m glad I finally found it. Here are a couple of tips if you are trying to find your own personal style.

Appreciate other people’s work

Make sure you recognize when something seems appealing to you, because appreciating others work will help you recognize the different styles you like.

Create a mood board

As you appreciate others work make sure you screenshot things such as the different color combinations you really like, the photos you been staring at over and over again, your favorite fonts, and your favorite things that inspire you.

Personal style mood board

Try things out

While it may be hard to get out of your comfort zone, try going out and shooting photography of what you always wanted to take pictures of, going and asking your friends if they would model for you and try things out, and finally, practice makes perfect so make sure to try things out.

After doing these things I created a booklet to portray my different skills for people that are looking for a freelancer, and here’s how it turned out.

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Kasandra Matus Personal Project
Kasandra Matus Personal Project Booklet

If you would like to see my booklet click on Personal project